The King of Performance

New born by the CRONO Research and development office, is characterized by the Boa ®
IP1-S double way closure with nylon coated steel lace, applied with the innovative MULTI
CONTACT system, which adapts to the most different shape of the foot, ensuring the
perfect heel position. Made of high quality and light weight microfiber, made even
more breathable by the laser made openings; the heel grip is guaranteed also by the
application of no-slip lining and the insertion of special reinforcement. Equipped with
the new FULL CARBON sole with scale value of 10+ downturn.



The performance of this model, which is realized by means of a very high light and
perspiring microfiber, has been further improved by the use of technical devices such
as the Boa ® L6 double fastening with nylon coated steel lace. The insert of a simple
micro-metric closing system that can be easily replaced, assures a whole fastening in
every part of the foot. The high containing profile of the heel has been realized by an
high density TPU heel and the application of an anti-barefoot lining The shoe tongue has
been studied to give the best comfort and the chosen material fits the foot heat with its
shape. Finally, little sweating laser made holes let the foot have a correct perspiration.



CT1 is appreciated for its light, comfort, practical and fast fit. Made with 2 velcro
closure, the bigger reversed Velcro allows a very quick fastener even during running. The
materials have been chosen and selected in order to allow a rapid foot drying by giving
it the best comfort. Some clever device, such as no-splipping on the hell, the insertion
of a back strap to speed the fit up and the side strap to prepare the shoe on horizontal
position on pedals, are unique features.